Explore a Cooperative owned by its participants

The more you contribute to the community the more shares and decision power you have

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We run virtual hackathons.

How does it work

Members, contributors and sponsors

decide on the winners together, employing a worldwide wisdom of the crowds to pick the best and most promising projects

A portion of prize funds remain to be managed by the cooperative

The more hackathons and competitions, the more funds the cooperative will have.

We run virtual hackathons

Anyone can join the hackathon, and anyone can sponsor hackathon prizes. A specific company or a collaboration between sponsors to tackle an issue, like SoS hackathon.

Co-op members decide on fund use

Developing the platform, pay its top contributors, marketing, or distributing funds to the entire cooperative.

Upcoming event: May 29th - June 16th

Global SoS Hackathon

SOS (Share our Strength) Hackathon is your opportunity to test ideas and develop solutions to heal our world in crisis.

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How is the co-op digital?

A look into the technical stack under the hood of the cooperative

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The future of the platform

How can we make this both sustainable and revenue generating for the memebrs


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